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Hi, I’m Mimi,

I am a side hustle coach, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a happiness enthusiast, a course creator and a morning person!

Finding true fulfillment in our career can seem like impossible to achieve, I’ve been there trust me! I went through the whole rat race and almost lost my soul along the way. I ended up feeling completely lost and unsure of my true purpose. Starting my side hustle saved my sanity!

After finding my way back through a soul searching journey, I realized how it seems to be a luxury to be #happyonmondays nowadays. I decided that I would make it my life mission to empower people from around the world to pursue their true calling by building their own side hustle as I did.

For me, side hustles are the way to build your independence and truly detox from the corporate Kool-Aid. I’m here to show you the way and help you achieve true happiness, even on Monday mornings.

-Mimi XO


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