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Mimi’s Must Read Books

Discover my top 10 favourite books so far! Here’s what I’ve been reading for the past year to get my creativity flowing and get inspired to achieve my true potential. This is the perfect list to start your journey.

The Happy Morning Routine

Ever wondered what Happy people do in the morning?

I truly believe in starting my day the right way with these 3 simple steps. Check out my personal morning routine and get started with yours!

Are you Happy on Mondays

Are you wondering if you’re complaining about your job too much!? Do you wonder if you’re “normal”!? Do you ever feel stuck, but you’re unsure if you should take action or stay in your job? Take this quiz to figure out if you need a change in your career. Be prepared to ask yourself the tough questions, be bold enough to answer with your heart and have the courage to take action.