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Alyssa Bertram

Founder of Easy Period

My experience with Happy on Mondays was so special. I got a lot out of the speaker experience, the meditation and the energy of the room. I had a huge number of people that resonated with my talk and has led to many future opportunities. Mimi's movement is something I'm SO glad I got to be a part of


Sarah Beatty

Founder of 9 to Thrive

Mimi and the Happy on Mondays team have created a wonderfully inspiring community. Attendees are engaged, eager to learn and beyond supportive. It's a pleasure to share my story and passion for improving the 9 to 5 experience with this community. There is no better way to start your Monday morning than speaking at the Happy on Mondays event


Rachell Kelly

Founder of Make Lemonade

Speaking at Happy on Mondays was the highlight for my week- and I don't mean that in the cheesy way. It gave me a massive confidence boost and was the perfect setting to start public speaking. Mimi was organized, thoughtful and was encouraging from the start!


Oliver Manalese

Leadership Performance Coach

Speaking bright and early at Happy On Mondays was a refreshing experience. Everyone was energetic, open, and ready to learn. Most of all you could feel how excited everyone is for the opportunity to transform their relationship to Monday's to one of joy, connection, and empowerment!

Mimi has created an atmosphere and movement that cultivates growth, curiosity, and the feeling that each one of us truly matters. Overall, I felt welcomed and that I was with exactly the right people and the right place to share my story, insights, and message. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been a speaker at Happy On Mondays


Brandi Leifso

CEO & Founder of Evio Beauty Group

Speaking at Happy on Mondays pushed me to be a better version of myself and set me on a new path. At first, I was not sure I should do it and was super scared! But, it turned out to be a great experience that connected me to other amazing people in this world. It also opened up new opportunities for myself: I had to dig deep, face hard truths, and reflect on past experiences. This led to many new discoveries and I was grateful to share those insights with others on their journey. Thanks, Mimi for the opportunity!


Chanele McFarlane

Founder Do Well Dress Well

When Mimi asked me to speak at a Happy on Mondays event, I immediately said yes. She has created such a special community and I was excited to have the opportunity to share my story. As a speaker, my experience was one I wish I could have more often. I received all the information I needed ahead of time and the Happy on Mondays team did an excellent job of making me feel special when I arrived.

The audience was so kind and engaged and I truly believe that's because of the warm, positive energy that Mimi radiates. I felt really good after my talk for days, weeks and even months later. It gave me the boost I needed to keep cultivating a career that doesn't just make me happy on Mondays but happy on every single day of the week


Julie Whish

Culture Specialist at Überflip

Happy on Mondays was definitely a highlight of my 2018! I was beyond excited and honoured to be chosen as a speaker, and the whole experience of the event from start to finish was incredible! The HOM team is a delight to work with and just so wonderful. Speaking at the event helped me realize just how lucky I am to be living out my dream and always challenging myself to see what's next. The crowd was so engaged and excited to be there, and that made my talk even more fun to do. I connected with so many kind, inspiring people at the event which is something I love so much. I'd definitely recommend being part of this movement, just another reason to make you happy on Monday (and every single day for that matter!

Michelle Messner

Client - Happy on Mondays Coaching Program

My coaching sessions with Mimi provided me with profound insight and encouragement to fuel changes that will improve the quality of my life. Prior to working with Mimi I felt stuck, debilitated and unhappy. Through Mimi's guidance, I've walked away with a newfound perspective and confidence in my journey. Her warmth, passion, knowledge and care radiated in each and every one of our sessions. She continues to be a great support and I'd recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to gain more from their life!

Sabina Wex

Client - Happy on Mondays Coaching Program

After just one hour of coaching with Mimi, I gained a clearer vision of my career for the next year. Mimi speaks to you with respect and listens to everything you say (and the things you DON'T say, which are equally as important). She guides you to resources, poses questions to ask yourself and brings you to self-realizations through empathy, kindness and respect. Mimi doesn't just make you feel better, but she recommends easy actions to bring you closer to your goals. If you're trying to figure out your next career move or just want to be happier at work, then sign up for a session with Mimi!

Ksenia Onosov

Client - Happy on Mondays Coaching Program

My coaching session with Mimi was incredibly insightful, motivating and encouraging. She was able to quickly identify what areas I needed to focus on and provided tips and advice on how to achieve my goals. I have implemented my takeaways from our session and have already started to see a difference in my overall quality of life and career focus. I will definitely continue working with Mimi and highly recommend her to anyone


My life mission is to change the way you perceive work so you start enjoying every day of the week, especially Mondays. 

You only have one life to live, why would you settle for less?


Hey you! I’m Mimi, a millennial that spent 6 years asleep in the corporate life, climbing the steps very successfully without even once stopping to ask myself the question: WHY!? I got addicted to the instant gratification of promotions and money, but ended up very unhappy and lost professionally. I knew there was so much more to life and that I was capable of achieving incredible things if I decided to do the jump.

So I took 3 months to prepare my exit strategy and finally jumped into the unknown. This was the best decision of my entire life as I finally got to know myself and start using my superpowers to create a life I actually LOVE even on Monday mornings! I’m now a full-time entrepreneur, building my Happy on Mondays movement and the culture of a tech startup here in Toronto.

That’s right, I just turned my life around and am now living my best life.